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Can Your Preschooler Really Benefit from an Extracurricular Activity?

Posted on July 9, 2020 : Posted in Legacy Academy
extracurricular activity

Picture an extracurricular activity. What do you see? A teenager playing the violin? A preteen playing soccer? You probably didn’t picture your preschooler. 

When a lot of people think of extracurricular activities, they think of teens rounding out their resumes for college. However, children of all ages can benefit from these activities. As a matter of fact, Legacy Academy in Suwanee offers extra activities for preschoolers. Here are some of the reasons why. 

General Extracurricular Benefits 

Your child has more activity options than you may have realized. At Legacy Academy, for example, preschoolers can learn yoga, music, Spanish, and more. All of these activities come with their own benefits, and we’ll explore some of those benefits in a moment. 

These activities also have several benefits in common. For example, just by letting your child explore some extra activities, you can help them reinforce the social skills they’re already learning in preschool. 

Next, preschool activities can help your child explore their interests. These activities can open your child’s world, letting them see a lot of possibilities. The activities that your child tries in preschool may just become lifelong hobbies or passions. That said, even if your child never does another yoga pose again, they can still benefit just by being a part of a group. 

Extracurricular activities can also help your child gain confidence. As young children watch their skills grow, they gain more and more faith in their ability to master things. 

Finally, preschool activities can help children build their patience. Not every skill comes easily. Skill-based activities help children get comfortable with delayed gratification. 

Language Learning Activities 

Now that we’ve seen some of the more general benefits, let’s take a look at how some specific activities can benefit your preschooler. 

First, there are language learning opportunities as an extracurricular activity. At Legacy, we offer both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese lessons. 

Starting a new language can help your child in several ways. For one thing, childhood is the best time to learn a new language. If your child starts young, they can learn quickly and avoid the struggle of starting from scratch as an adult. 

Plus, learning a new language can broaden your child’s worldview and help them develop a sense of empathy and respect for other cultures. 

Finally, childhood language learning comes with academic benefits, too. Studies show that learning a new language can help with problem-solving, for example. 


Legacy Academy has music programs for preschoolers, too. Music is far more than just a fun thing for children to do. Just like language learning, music can benefit your preschooler in a lot of ways, including academically. For example, children who study music can sharpen their creativity and math skills. As they tap to the beat, they exercise the part of the brain that processes numbers. 

Physical Education 

We offer several physical education options at Legacy Academy. These options can provide an excellent release for high-energy preschoolers, which might even make bedtime a bit easier. Aside from the energy release, physical education classes as an extracurricular activity also help children gain coordination, strength, and flexibility. 

Preschool Activities at Legacy Academy 

Looking for fun activities for your preschooler? Then consider enrolling your child at Legacy Academy. At Legacy, preschoolers have several extracurricular options where they can socialize and develop their skills. Take a look at some of our activities today, and contact us if you have any questions.