Childcare drop-off

Tips for a Smooth Childcare Drop-Off

Posted on December 26, 2018 : Posted in Early Child Care, Legacy Academy
Childcare drop-off

Getting your children up and out of the house in the morning can feel like running a circus. This is especially true if you are trying to get yourself to work but your child struggles with childcare drop-off. No parent wants to leave their child in tears. While seasons of drop-off struggles are common for most children, there are some ways you can help soothe your child’s anxieties and create a smoother transition.

Act Confident, Even If You Aren’t

When you see your child burst into tears and lunge for you as you turn to leave, it can be difficult to keep your own emotions in check. Regardless of how you decide to help your child at the moment, try to maintain a calm and peaceful manner. Showing your own sadness or frustration can feed your child’s emotions and prolong the difficulty. You may not feel confident in leaving your child, but it is important that you portray confidence for his sake.

Allow Plenty of Time

It takes a talented parent to not be in a rush leaving home in the morning. However, if you can allow for a slower-paced transition to childcare drop-off, you may find that your child is not as overwhelmed. Taking a few extra minutes in the car, and then again at the door, will allow your child time to prepare for the excitement of school. You can take this time to reassure her, to remind her that you will be back to get her, and to give her extra affection. This is also a good time to let your child show you around her classroom, connect with the teacher, and to meet other students and their parents.

Make a Routine

Each family’s childcare drop-off routine will be different. It may be as simple as a high-five and goodbye, or it may include a song, silly handshake, and a round of hugs and kisses. In any case, invite your child to be a part of creating a special drop-off routine that is all your own. Once you have decided on a ritual together, be consistent in making it happen every day. This regularity will be comforting for your child and make drop-off more familiar and comfortable.

Ask Teachers for Help

If your child has suddenly become clingy at drop-off, his teacher may have great insight about how to help him transition. Teachers see the activities that capture your child’s attention each day. They are also trusted and often beloved people in your child’s life. By letting your child’s teacher know that you would like help with the morning transition, you can work as a team to help him move from your company to an enjoyable activity without much lingering or time to get anxious.

Remember That Your Child Is in Good Hands

It is gut-wrenching to pry your child off of your leg so that you can make it to your morning meeting. On those days when nothing seems to work, remember that your child’s team of caregivers care deeply about her and will do everything in their power to make her comfortable quickly. The experiences and friendships your child gains in childcare will help her thrive throughout her childhood. So, while the moment is difficult, you can rest easy that she is safe and well cared for.

Childcare drop-off is a difficult time for many parents and children. But with the right tools and mindset, you can help your child be confident and excited when you reach that classroom door. Are you looking for childcare in a place that supports and assists you through all of your child’s daily transitions? Consider Legacy Academy Suwanee, where our staff is patient, prepared, and excited to care for your child.